First Aid training

We conduct first aid/CPR courses through the Internationally recognized accreditation Emergency First Response (EFR). We offer the full range of courses within EFR.

We believe that accident prevention is the best policy, however, accidents can and will happen. How these accidents are dealt with can have lasting consequences.

Alongside offering courses enabling participants to deal with accidents we also offer the EFR Instructor course. The instructor course will train you to be able to offer first aid/CPR yourself. This allows you to keep all your training in-house and refresh skills whenever you want/need.

The first aid course for participants is suitable for every employee in your business. It applies to kitchen staff, hospitality staff, tour/safari guides, drivers, managers..Remember, accidents can happen anytime, and any place.

The first aid/CPR Instructor course is more suitable for department heads, managers or Health and Safety employees.

All of our courses are materials driven and each participant will retain a personal copy of the accompanying manual used throughout the course. Furthermore, our courses benefit from lots of hands-on practise to fine tune skills. Research has shown that this style of learning provides the best method of retention, building confidence in assisting those in need.

For convenience, we can organize training sessions at your site. Please contact us for more details.